American Treasure ~ Flowers & Urns Antique Quilt c1850, 82x102"

Magnificent antique quilt, c1850. Gorgeous design, beautiful colors, expert quilting. Urns with flowers, from buds to full bloom. The alternating squares are also full of flowers, each with a slightly different pattern. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous.

Huge and substantial, it measures 82 x 102 inches, weighs just about 5 lbs. Hand quilted at approx 9-10 spi. 

We don't think this was used much at all; still feels crisp. Gently hand laundered, clean and bright. We note some faint fold lines and storage darkening on the underside, a few faint remaining discolorations, a couple spots of color lift on the green appliqué (turned to blue). A couple of the appliqués are a bit loose at the edges.

There is some surface wear to the turkey red appliqué, mostly at the sides (3rd last photo shows the side flower with the most extensive loss; 2nd photo gives an overall view). There are a couple of holes, mostly on the underside, barely showing through to the top (2nd last photo shows two of them, there is another not shown). There are also some old repairs of similar small holes (2nd last photo shows a couple, last photo shows those same repairs from the top). There are a couple more small repairs.

We like to be thorough. This antique quilt looks spectacular. 

*Need more photos? Let us know what you'd like to see, we're happy to send extras along.