Antique 19th Century India Block Print Cotton Textile Wall Hanging 46x105"


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Fantastic mid 19th century Indian block print wall hanging - richly worked, lavish details, bright colors. The profusion of flowers and paisley, the geometric designs, and the lack of any figures suggests this was originally made for an Islamic market. Very rare and gorgeous.

It measures 46.5 x 105 inches. The width is made from two lengths, 28.5 and 18 inches, hand sewn together along the length.

Photos were taken in mid-afternoon, with overcast skies.

Condition - overall storage dust, some holes and worn areas, some areas of staining throughout. This was likely backed at one time, and there are some remaining loose threads along one side. Some frays at the edges

We found this with an old antique store tag tied to one corner - a Hollywood Boulevard store that is long, long gone. An interesting feature, so we left it on, though the tag has slightly damaged that corner.

A fabulous old textile - most of these are now in museums.