Extravagant Antique Madeira Embroidery Linen Tablecloth 12 Napkins 70x130"

Antique Madeira hand embroidered linen tablecloth with twelve matching napkins. Extravagant and detailed - elaborate cutwork on top, dense floral embroidery on the sides, and scalloped edges too. An heirloom set, perfect for holidays and special occasions.

Very good condition, gently used. Hand laundered, bright and clean, a slight antique patina to the linen. We note a few rust specks, a couple of light marks and faint discolorations (barely visible), and some detached connectors in the cutwork, both on the cloth and on a couple of napkins. All minor - this set looks amazing. 

Color is light ecru.
Tablecloth 70 x 130;
12 napkins, 19 x 20 inches.