"Deer" Marghab Vintage Madeira Embroidery 12pc Placemat Set - Setting for 6

Rare and fantastic. Vintage Marghab placemat set in the iconic "Deer" pattern - a graceful creature gazes up at the crescent moon, cattails bending in the breeze. 

Madeira hand embroidery, outstanding design and execution. Exquisitely detailed, absolutely gorgeous.

Good condition - not quite perfect, but presents beautifully. Hand laundered, bright and clean, no stains or discolorations. On the placemats we note a few worn spots, some seam separations, some pulls to the organdy, places where the organdy has pulled away from the embroidery, and a couple small holes (last photo shows most). But we like to be thorough - this set looks wonderful.

Setting for 6:
6 organdy placemats, 12 x 18 inches;

6 linen napkins, 17.5 x 18 inches.

* We also have another Marghab deer set available - a setting for 8, in a slightly different colorway, as well as a set of deer coasters.