Lobster Bon Appetit Vintage Madeira Placemat Set for 4 – Matching Bibs!

Fabulous vintage set for your most delectable seafood dinner.

All linen, hand embroidered in Madeira – bright colors, lots of detail, pretty scalloping too. Striking and unique.

Excellent condition, a couple of placemats and napkins were gently used, the rest was never used. Hand laundered, bright and clean, a slight antique patina to the linen, some shade differences, a few faint storage marks & discolorations. All minor, this set looks marvelous.

Setting for 4:
4 placemats, 12.5 x 18 inches;
4 napkins, 16 x 17 inches;
4 bibs approx 15 x 21 inches, with 20 inch ties.

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