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Rare 18th Century Ottoman Silk Embroidery on Linen Mirror Cover 18x58 inches

Rare 18th century Ottoman embroidery - silk on linen, likely a mirror cover. This is a fabulous piece, old and gorgeous.

It measures about 18.5 x 58 inches (approx 47 x 146 cm).

Photo notes: Pictures against white backdrop were taken indoors, with fluorescent lighting. Pictures against black were taken with indirect, mid-afternoon natural light (on a cloudy day). The reddish flowers are more ocher than bright red - more like the first photos. Photos against white were taken for overall pattern and general color. Photos against black were taken more for texture and closeups.

Condition - missing embroidery, some repairs, many stains, a few holes and worn spots. The original inked pattern lines are visible in places. Possibly some of the darkish embroidery was added later? This piece is musty, with a slight mildew odor, but no dry rot. It is not fragile or falling apart.

Happy to answer any questions, or send more photos.