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Samson & Delilah Antique Madeira Embroidery Linen Tablecloth 10 Napkins 68x120"

Samson and Delilah, spectacularly rendered in needle and thread. Rare and oh sofabulous. 

Antique Madeira hand embroidered linen tablecloth with ten matching napkins. Lavish and detailed, highlighting famous scenes from Samson's story—confessing to Delilah the secret source of his strength, killing the lion, entering captivity after Delilah's betrayal, and finally bringing down the pillars in the temple, his chains torn asunder. We especially love the scissors that ornament the sides of the cloth—Delilah's weapon to bring Samson down.

This is textile art.

Excellent condition, probably never used. Professionally laundered and hand finished. We note a few faint marks, and perhaps a couple of detached connectors. This set looks fantastic.

Color is light ecru.
Tablecloth 68 x 120 inches;
10 napkins, 21 x 21 inches.