Shells & Starfish Vintage D Porthault Beauvais Embroidery Placemat Setting for 12

Fantastic vintage placemat set – shells and starfish and lengths of seaweed. Gorgeous textures and intricate detail. Amazing handwork in the French beauvais stitch, on very fine linen. No labels, but assuredly vintage D Porthault. Rare and oh-so fabulous.

Very good condition, gently used, slightly imperfect. Laundered, clean and bright. We note a placemat with a worn spot, another with some slight damage at the edge, and a napkin with a repair (all seen in last photo). Minor – this set looks wonderful. 

Setting for 12;
12 placemats, 13 x 17 inches,

12 napkins (six starfish, six shell), 15.5 x 16 inches.

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