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June Wedding, Medieval Style, Vintage Rapisardi Italian Embroidery Runner Centerpiece

Beautiful vintage centerpiece from the Baroness Rapisardi, embroidered in Italy. Gorgeous hand work. This is fabulous.

This medieval-themed piece is inspired by the illustrations of "Labors of the Months" from the famous 15th century Book of Hours (the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry). This design shows the month of June ("Giugno"), with a young couple exchanging rings. Note the astrological symbols accenting the piece, as in the original medieval illustration.

Very good condition, gently used. Hand laundered. We note some age patina to the linen, and a teensy hole surrounded by a few faint rust specks (last photos). Minor—this is lovely to look at.

1 centerpiece, 14 x 22 inches, semi-sheer linen.